September 21, 2016

Organization Transformation Overkill? Let’s Define What We Mean

Ever been a part of an organizational transformation effort that just seemed like a long walk uphill in the rain?  Too many organizations are undertaking more and more organization transformation efforts that are supposed to significantly change the organization’s ability... Read Post

September 14, 2016

Managing a Full Work Plate…and a Transformation

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that we regularly see in organization transformations includes thinking that we need to speed through an organization design to get back to the “real” work of the organization. Although the benefits of true organization... Read Post

September 7, 2016

We Don’t Have a Strategy! (Fact or Myth)

When members of an organization – executives and staffers alike – feel like their organization lacks direction and focus, the refrain, “We don’t have a strategy” is heard echoing the halls. However, we have found that the causes of such... Read Post

August 17, 2016

The Importance of Building a Change Platform

Today’s marketplace has become an environment of continuous change. As a result, many businesses struggle to adapt as multiple areas of their organizations simultaneously experience change of some sort. In a recent webinar, I discussed how change platforms can facilitate... Read Post

August 3, 2016

Finding and Solving Customer Problems

Perhaps the simplest definition of a business model is an organization’s effort to deliver a unique solution to a customer need or problem. To improve your business model and organization, you need to ensure that all aspects of your organization... Read Post

July 27, 2016

Finding the Right Change Transformation Partner

A change partner is essential when developing your business model and organization design because they can bring methodologies and tools needed to guide the work. Your change partner could be an HR manager or some other internal resource. But, it... Read Post