November 30, 2016

Matrix Organization Design: How to Get the Most Out of It

When people talk about matrix organizations, different ideas come to mind.  In the most straightforward sense, a matrix organization is when one individual formally reports to two or more managers (solid and dotted lines). We might also say that a... Read Post

November 23, 2016

Governing Platform Business Models through Organization Design

AlignOrg Solutions recently hosted a free webinar helping companies explore platform business models.  What makes them so desirable? How are they different from traditional business models? Why are they getting so much attention?  Despite the appeal, one of the challenges... Read Post

November 15, 2016

Do Best Practices Drive Organization Strategy?

Ever gone to a conference and heard stories from other great organizations about the innovative practices they are implementing?  Ever come away from those conferences thinking, “How can I help our organization become an industry leader in such-and-such a practice?” ... Read Post

October 26, 2016

Are You Truly Co-Creating Your Organization Design?

Leveraging your executive team to co-create or co-design your organization is an organization design best practice. It creates buy-in from the organization, facilitates change management efforts, helps eliminate blind spots in the design, and ultimately creates a more competitive organization.... Read Post

October 5, 2016

Strategic Organizational Best Practices–Friend or Foe?

Best practices can be a powerful tool to help organizations improve their marketplace performance, differentiate their business, and help functions become more effective and efficient. However, best practices can also cause the opposite. Essentially, the constant quest for industry best... Read Post